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$6.00 each for small orders.
$5.00 each for orders over 100 masks.

We have supplied more than 30,000 face masks to:

* Small Business
* Large Business
* Organizations
* School Districts
* General Public

As you know, most municipalities now require face masks in public. Protective equipment that we all need to assure our safety is in short supply and that is why we at Alterations & Custom Sewing LLC have adapted our business structure to manufacture face masks as we all strive to stay healthy and protect those we care about.

We are offering face masks to businesses for their employees as they return to work, to schools for the administration, teachers and students, and also to individuals who need them for daily errands and activities. 

We want you to stay healthy and to slow the spread of COVID-19 so that we all may resume our normal lives as soon as possible.

Our face masks feature:

• Washable and reusable double layer breathable cotton construction.

• Around the head, adjustable elastic bands for a comfortable fit. We also offer around the ear bands if desired.

• A pocket between the fabric layers allows for non-woven filter material to be inserted for extra protection.

• Pliable, padded metal nose bridge to allow the user to adjust fit for a better seal and help prevent glasses fogging.

• Two sizes – Regular and Large - Large masks can fit over an N95 mask to extend usable life.

• Six colors – Yellow, Black, Green, Powder Blue, Royal Blue and Red.

Call ahead or email your order and we will have it ready for you. We have masks in stock now and have sold over 30,000 masks to a variety of businesses and individuals.

Cleaning companies, Offices, Manufacturing, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Service Companies, Retail, Schools Districts...

By continually adapting our business to the needs of our community, we are able to continue to provide rewarding jobs for the people of our community.

Thank you for supporting locally owned small business.