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T-Shirt Memory Quilts and Memory Bears

T-Shirt quilts, aka memory quilts, are a wonderful way for the sentimental of heart to preserve memories in a warm, practical and useful way. They share a story of your life experiences, interests and personality. Memory quilts create a diary of where you have been, what you have accomplished, who you love and the joys of your life. It’s the next best thing to being able to wear those old T-Shirts again. A memory quilt can be passed down as an heirloom to share your history. They are a beautiful way to dress a room either as a bed covering, a wall hanging, or for snuggling to keep warm on a cool evening.


Whatever your use for them, they make great gifts for any occasion - birthday, graduation, anniversary, Christmas or just because. What a beautiful way to say I love you – I love who you are. Whatever the occasion or the reason, collect your old T-Shirts and let us create a wonderfully unique gift for someone you love – even if it’s yourself. Yes – It’s OK to be kind to yourself.


We will help create your unique quilt design and preserve your memories.

The following is a step by step guide to help you decide how to approach your quilt design and calculate the cost.


Step 1: Collect your old T-Shirts to be made into squares for the quilt.


Step 2: Determine the size of the quilt that you would like, based on the number of T-Shirts that are available, the bed size that you would like to cover, the wall space that you have available for a hanging or perhaps a small lap blanket. Squares finish out at approximately 15 ½” square.


Step 3: If many of the squares are the same color, you may want to define the squares with a contrasting sashing. Or maybe you would like to use sashing to enlarge the quilt if the available squares won’t allow for a large enough area.


Step 4: The quilt backing is as personal as your T-shirts. Select your quilt backing material and color to compliment your squares and sashing. You will usually provide the quilt backing and sashing material, which you can purchase at your local fabric store. Once you determine the quilt size, I can tell you how much fabric you will need.


Step 5: Determine the arrangement of your quilt squares based on chronological order or aesthetics. Or allow us to arrange your squares for you. We can arrange them and offer you final approval.


Step 6: Consult with us about what you should provide for the size of quilt that you would like made.


Step 7: Bring us the materials so that we can create your memory quilt. Then sit back and relax. We will take care of the rest.


Pricing your quilt

There are various factors that will help determine the final cost of your quilt. Some of the pricing is approximate and will be determined by the cost of the fabric that you choose for backing and sashing and the size of the quilt that you require among other factors.




Cost of Assembly without sashing - $11 per square.

Cost of Assembly with sashing  - $15 per square.

                Example: Twenty square quilt without sashing = $220. With sashing = $300.

                Example: Lap Blanket – Twelve squares without sashing = $132. With sashing = $180.


Cost of Photographs that are printed onto squares - $10 per picture.


Cost of Backing – Depends on the type of material selected and size of your quilt – approximately $20


Two T-Shirts can be combined into one quilt square for an additional charge of $5.00 per square.

Four T-Shirts can be combined into one quilt square for an additional charge of $10.00 per square.


Lead Time:


Once we have received all of the materials for your quilt, (T-Shirts, Sashing and Backing) it will take approximately two to three weeks for assembly. Please allow for this lead time when creating a quilt as a gift.

Memory Bears are another snuggly way to remember a loved one. A memory bear is a teddy bear that we custom craft from a favorite shirt of someone you love. Bring us a shirt that has fond memories and we will return it to you as a unique teddy bear to remind you of that special someone. Gentle hugs and warm memories are yours forever.
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